Why have an Employment Agreement?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employment relationships to turn sour. While employees have a number of options against an employer for unfair treatment and entitlements, employers have limited recourse against employees. Accordingly, employment contracts are extremely important for employers as it provides them with contractual rights to: deal with employees as required by the … Continue reading “Why have an Employment Agreement?”

Contract for Services

This template is a basic Contract for Services. This Contract enables an independent Contractor to provide its services to a company (or business) for reward. It can be completed either by the Contractor or the Company, as it is commercially and legally well balanced between them. This template is provided by LegalRocket to either the … Continue reading “Contract for Services”

Agreement Ending Employment

This template is called an Agreement Ending Employment. It can be used by an Employer when an employment relationship is coming to an end with an Employee. It can be suitable when the Employee resigns or the Employer dismisses the Employee or when both both agree to end the employment. It is not suitable for … Continue reading “Agreement Ending Employment”

Employment Agreement

This template is a basic Employment Agreement setting out reasonably standard terms and conditions as between an Employer and an Employee. It is a legal document with significant legal consequences. Please refer to the warning provided in the Disclaimer section of this template prior to use. It is not suitable for contractors, complex employment arrangements, … Continue reading “Employment Agreement”